Support Aubie

Support Aubie

Aubie standing in front of Jordan-Hare stadium holding a sign that says I need your support

As the Aubie Program continues to expand operations and reach, annual expenses have continued to climb. While the program holds two large fundraisers each year, they still need the support of private donors to accomplish their goals

The Aubie Fund is designed to support Aubie's annual expenses including national championship competition expenses, gameday costumes, prop creation, training, and travel.

The Aubie Special Projects Fund helps Aubie and his team work on new and innovative ways for Aubie to interact with the Auburn Family. These funds helped build the Aubie Experience on the first floor of the Melton Student Center and there are many other exciting projects planned soon.

The Laurence Cartledge Endowed Fund for Excellence is an endowment used to support the building and maintenance of facilities and historical markers of the Aubie Program.

The Jefrey M. Arnold Aubie Endowed Fund for Excellence is an endowment used to fund the Aubie Fund and the expenses described above.