Aubie Committee

Aubie helping committee members create a Freeze Warning sign Aubie in front of the crowd at a football game holding the Freeze Warning sign created by the Aubie Committee


Aubie Committee is a fun and exciting way to get involved and get up close and personal with the biggest Auburn fan on campus, Aubie! Members meet with the Aubie Program and help design and create props and materials for athletic events, pep rallies, skits, and other events. Take advantage of your creative mind, get involved, and come to the next committee meeting!

Aubie Committee meets every Tuesday night before a home football game at 7:00 P.M. at the Melton Student Center Loading Dock.

To become an official member of the Aubie Committee, sign up using the form below! By signing up, you will get the chance to buy a t-shirt and learn more about Aubie Committee. Most importantly, Aubie will send emails before Committee meetings to remind you about his creative antics he is working on before the game and remind you to come help him build the props he will use!

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