The Bias Education and Response Team (BERT) consists of a cross-disciplinary group of staff and faculty who will ensure that students, faculty, and staff have the means to report bias incidents, share information about incidents reported to the BERT, and advocate for prevention and awareness programs.  BERT members will also connect those impacted by bias-related incidents with immediate and ongoing support measures.

BERT Core Team

BERT Team Co-Chair
Lady Cox, Ed.D., Associate Vice President
Student Affairs

Campus Safety and Security
Susan McCallister

Kelley Taylor

Student Conduct
Nick Wiard

Faculty Representative
Jared Russell, Ph.D.

Auburn Athletics
Monique Holland

Faculty Representative
Tessa Carr, Ph.D.

University Housing
Maureen Young

BERT Support Team

The BERT Support Team is comprised of approximately 40 students, faculty, and staff representing a broad range of populations and constituents. The BERT may respond to a bias incident report in a variety of ways, depending on the nature of the incident and the needs of those impacted. The response may include referring information to other offices to determine if policies were violated, connecting those impacted with resources and support, working with university stakeholders to facilitate transparent and open communication, and supporting voluntary opportunities for dialogue and restorative justice.

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Last modified: 02/08/2022