Email Signature Generator

Email Signature Generator

Use this tool to create your approved email signature for all email correspondence sent on behalf of Auburn University. A consistent email signature conveys professionalism, eliminates confusion and shows that we respect and value our brand.

Required fields are noted below with an asterisk. After inserting your information and clicking submit, you will be able to view the signature. If you need to change something, simply use the back button at the top of your browser and make changes to the fields, then click submit again. Once you are satisfied with your signature, move on to the remaining steps.

Including graduation year
If you are an Auburn graduate, you can indicate your graduation year by using the closing single quotation mark and the last two numbers of the year. (Example: John Smith, ’20, ’22) Add your graduation years to the field for LAST NAME. Multiple degrees can be separated by a comma.

The url field can include, or your department’s page. If you use a calendar scheduling assistant, such as Bookings Calendly, place your unique url in the calendar field. All social icons are set to Student Affairs’ channels; however, you can choose to insert your department or office’s social channels if applicable.

Do not insert personal url or social channels. Do not add additional elements or personal statements such as quotes, jokes, sayings, promotional statements, personal webpagesor links to random outside webpages or blogs. Pronouns as well as official Auburn web addresses that might direct to the university’s diversity statement, vision, mission goals, etc., can be added in after the email signature has been generated. Another exception of text that can be added is “War Eagle.” If you choose to include “War Eagle,” please place as part of your email in the area where you sign your name, before the email signature block.

If you have questions, suggestions or technical issues, please contact

Step 1: Fill out the fields below.

Last updated: September 29, 2022