Belonging and Resilience (BAR)

Welcome to the BAR program at Auburn University! BAR stands for


Belonging: To fit in a specified place or environment (having a strong external support system)
Resilience: The capacity to recover quickly from difficulties (having a strong internal fortitude or bounce-back ability)

Student Counseling & Psychological Services created this program based on the recommendations of the 2015 University Mental Health Task Force.  It was designed in response to several Auburn students reporting during focus groups that they found it challenging to make new friends on campus, as well as lacking adaptive coping skills to help them manage challenges.  We hope that this program helps address those concerns.

Here are the aims of the BAR program:

Large Scale: A commitment to building a campus community that is psychologically healthy

Small Scale: Students, faculty, and staff learning skills from each other and having experiences that promote belonging and resiliency on campus

BAR is a bystander education program. After watching the video and slides below, we hope you will be able to share the belonging and resiliency skills you learn with your peers.  BAR has training and experiential components.  The video/slides are the training component; we hope you learn from them!  The experiential component is putting the skills learned through the video and slides into action. You can get involved in sharing these skills with peers through Health Promotion and Wellness Services’ Wellness Coaching Program.

Psychological well-being is predicated on having external (belonging) and internal (resilience) support and skills available, so please take some time to go through the video and slides posted below.

Introductory Video

Learn about what we mean by belonging and resilience and how these are needed resources in navigating the pressures and stress of college. Narrator sounds like someone from childhood television, doesn’t he?

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Last modified: 08/13/2021