This semester, the Melton Student Center added the Donation Station to help improve the way student organizations host supply drives on campus. The new freestanding station replaces individual bins that groups previously had to bring themselves and put in place. The station is located near the James E. Foy Information Desk on the second floor of the Melton Student Center.

With the permanent structure, there are two available spaces for groups to reserve. Student organizations are simply asked to bring a flyer highlighting their supply drive and periodically check their space and empty it as needed.

Melton Student Center reservations manager Kathryn-Ruth Sasser helped bring the Donation Station to life after becoming impressed with a similar initiative located in the student union at the University of North Carolina at Asheville.

For Sasser, one of her favorite aspects of the Donation Station is the flexibility it provides for student organizations.

“Groups can collect pretty much anything in the station,” Sasser said.

Items that could be collected include clothes, feminine products, prepackaged food and school supplies.

According to Sasser, the Donation Station will help student organizations because it is a one-stop shop.

“Instead of having to provide a bin, make sure the bin looks nice, deliver the bin and check the bin, student organizations can just reserve a spot in the station,” Sasser said.

Student organizations are asked to reserve the Donation Station for one to two weeks, but Sasser says the reservations team is happy to work with those who are interested in hosting long term drives. The Donation Station can be reserved year-round but is not available when Auburn University is closed.

Student organizations that are interested in hosting a supply drive or would like more information can contact the Melton Student Center reservations team at 334-844-1320 or

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Last modified: 04/25/2022