The 2017 Student Government Association elections are in full swing as students familiarize themselves with each prospective. This year’s voting will take place Tuesday, Feb. 7, from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. on AU Access. Callouts will be held later that evening at 10 p.m. on Cater Lawn.

Meet Your 2017 SGA Major Candidates:


Brock Hendon
Year: Junior
Major: Finance
Platform: “Brock Solid” is a campaign for the student voice and student experience. In this, my sole desire is to provide a solid experience for each student who attends this university. This past year as an At-Large senator, I’ve heard you. We’ve made tremendous progress with the leadership of this current administration to better the student experience, but we aren’t done. Its now time to Build a Solid Foundation for our Future. The ideas and materials are there; its now time to get to work.”
Read more about Brock’s platform here.

Caleb Marshall
Year: Senior
Major: Mathematics
Platform: “Bold, practical leadership is the hallmark of every great individual, and Caleb Marshall is no exception. Throughout his distinguished academic career, he has redefined what it means to be a leader of great character. His many unique qualities put him in a league of his own when it comes to being qualified to lead the SGA. He has bold plans for improvements that will imprint his legacy on the Student Government Association as “Greatest of All Time.” Whether it involves innovative solutions or making the tough choices, Caleb Marshall refuses to be known as anything less than the greatest leader to ever set foot on the Auburn University campus. There are many tough challenges that face the student body over the next year, and he has the common sense, connections, morals, values, ethical principles, and genuine care and concern for the future necessary to navigate touch waters and make the choices that everyone knows he is capable of. Everyone who knows Caleb Marshall knows his practical plans to make Auburn greater, and that he will carry out these plans to the fullest of his ability. He has three main points for his plan to move Auburn forward: “ideas, people, and leadership,” and through these true change will be wrought. Learn more about Caleb’s platform here.

David Facteau
Year: Junior
Major: Psychology
Platform: “My name is David Facteau and I am excited to have the opportunity to be a candidate and potentially serve as your next SGA President. Over the last three years, I have found a love and passion for Auburn University, the student body, and the Student Government Association. I am excited to share that love and passion, along with my vision for this University with the student body. If elected, during my term I would focus on several main areas of improvement that would benefit all members of the Auburn Family. Read more about David’s platform here.

Jacqueline Keck
Year: Junior
Major: Economics
Platform: “I’m Jacqueline Keck, and I am overjoyed to share my vision for Auburn, to get to meet you guys, hear your concerns this week. At Auburn, my character has been developed by a deepened love for this campus and its family, which strengthened my desire to serve. Because of all the things Auburn is to me, I want to leave the campus better than I found it for current and future students. Becoming your SGA President is the most tangible way for me to do that. I designed an inclusive and innovative campaign with the understanding that it takes a “we” to create change. If you say “We Can with Keck” you are saying we can improve student life and ensure student success for all.” Read more about Jacqueline’s platform here.


Vice President

Griffin Osborn
Year: Junior
Major: Finance Platform: “During my time at Auburn, I have had many ideas and concerns but felt there was no easy way to voice them. SGA does a great job of reaching out to students and working efficiently; however, I want to take it further. Because of that I want to make transparency and communication a priority. I want to meet with organizations weekly to inform them of what SGA is currently doing, while also allowing them to voice their opinions. I will also open myself up to individual students, I understand the frustration of having ideas but no easy way to get them through. I have many other ideas and concerns for our campus, and would love the opportunity to act upon them while also serving the student body.” Learn more about Griffin’s platform here.

Justin Smith
Year: Junior
Major Chemical Engineering and Political Science
Platform: “I believe the aims of transparency and accessibility should a primary objective
for anyone in a leadership position. As Vice President, I will make a concerted effort to ensure that the Auburn student body is always informed and knowledgeable of the operations of their student government and in impacts about issues that affect their experience at Auburn University.” Read more about Justin’s Platform here.

Sarah Beth Cape
Year: Junior
Major: Finance and Information Systems
Platform: “In my time in the Student Government Association Senate, I began to view the university in a different light. I learned to love legislation while serving the student body. In the spring of my sophomore year, I was asked to serve as Editor-in-Chief of the Glomerata even though I had never worked on a yearbook staff or led an organization before. This position has allowed me to grow both as a student and a leader. I have enjoyed working with many organization presidents, several university departments, and my staff to produce the 120th Glomerata. My experience leading an organization has taught me more than I could have imagined. From an early age, I was taught that when you see something that needs to be done, you do it. Because of this, I have a passion for serving behind the scenes. I believe the role of SGA Vice President requires inspiring this initiative in others. Auburn students have more power than they often realize; count on Cape.” Read more about Sarah’s platform here.


Alex Patrick
Year: Junior
Major: Economics
Platform: “The primary duty of the SGA Treasurer is to oversee the Finance Branch within our Student Government Association. This role contains several responsibilities – the most important being in charge of the SGA budget. As a current SGA Senator who has served on Budget and Finance hearings with additional SGA experience through my roles as AVP of Outreach Feedback and Director of Auburn Answers, I have had the privilege of invaluable exposure to SGA and its procedures, members, and advisors. This opportunity has kept me interested in growing in my involvement with the SGA Finance Branch and given me a sense of responsibility to build on the opportunities I have been given. If elected, I look forward to working with students and administrators to craft a plan that serves their needs in a tangible way. I have been blessed with the leadership and communication skills that would serve my fellow students through the office of SGA Treasurer, and I would be both delighted and honored to serve in the coming year.” Read more about Alex’s platform here.

Frank McEwen
Year: Junior
Major: Finance
Platform: “I would be a great Treasurer for the following reasons: Each letter of “Bank” in Bank with Frank stands for either my platform or my experience.
“B” stands for Budget. This past year while serving as an SGA Senator for the College of Business, I had the honor of serving on the Senate Budget and Finance Committee. Alongside the other Budget and Finance Committee Senators and the Treasurers of all six Student Activity Portfolios, I helped allocate a $2.2 million budget over the course of months of preparation and hours of budget hearings. I believe that I have the prior experience necessary in order to be tremendously productive in this role.
“A” stands for Assess. I want to assess the current student fees to ensure that money is being spent efficiently and in the best interest of all Auburn students. From what I’ve learned while being a member of the Budget and Finance Committee, the Student Activity Fund has room for improvement in order to serve students to the best of its ability.
“N” stands for No Hidden Fees. I want to work on a semester spending report so that we are more transparent with where student fees are being spent. It would outline where the money from the Student Activity Fund went during the semester in an easy to read, understandable format. Along with this I would love to host a town-hall session where students can ask questions and learn about where student fees are going from the Treasurers from the Student Activity Portfolios and the Budget and Finance Committee Senators.
“K” stands for Knowledge. I want to better understand what is important to students from different areas of campus, and I realize that this will be a learning experience for me. Serving as Assistant Vice President for Campus Relations this past year, I was able to hear feedback from every corner of campus, and it got me out of the Auburn bubble that I had previously lived in. This experience solidified that I do not want to make decisions that will only benefit a select group of Auburn students. Therefore, I want to increase my knowledge and awareness of the concerns of all students on campus when it comes to student fees and funding.” Read more about Frank’s platform here. 

Gabrielle Pollard
Year: Junior
Major: Chemical Engineering
Platform: “I would be a great Treasurer because I have had experience with responsibilities of treasurer in an organization. I understand budgeting, keeping records, and making sure payments are on time. I am a transfer student, so I also have experience with transition. Everyone knows that college is tough, but money can be simple.” Read more about Gabrielle’s platform here.

*Platforms retrieved from Visit to learn more about candidates’ full platforms and budgets.

Written by Wynter Battiste.

Last modified: 02/21/2017