Jesse Westerhouse is a junior from Huntsville, Alabama majoring in Finance. He has had the opportunity to serve on campus in a variety of ways through the Student Government Association, his social fraternity, Student Recruiters, War Eagle Girls and Plainsmen, and now as the newly elected 2016-2017 SGA President. Learn more about him below.

12654508_10153870640844598_2587240611307619416_nWhat made you choose to run for SGA President?
In the fall, I took some time to look back over the past few years I have spent at Auburn and realized how big of an impact SGA has had on me. Both the projects that I have been able to work on and the people I have been able to build relationships with have shaped my college experience so much. I knew that I would truly enjoy another year in SGA and the opportunity to impact this campus. I talked to some close friends and spent a lot of time in thought and prayer, and ultimately felt very at peace with the decision to run.

What do you hope to accomplish as the new SGA President?
Freshman year, someone told me to always try and leave things a little better than you found them. My hope is that as SGA President I can make an incredible organization just a little bit better. I think there are a lot of ways we can move Auburn and SGA forward this year with anything from academics to campus issues. I also want to increase the accessibility of SGA to all students and I want students to know that SGA is here to serve each and every one of them. I want to use the year to build relationships with those around me and learn more about myself and about others. Above all else, I hope to glorify Christ in all that I do.

What is your favorite part of being a Plainsman?
That’s a tough one, because I really do enjoy every single part of it. One that comes to mind the most would be game days. From tiger walk to watching Auburn football, it’s a day filled with so much energy and passion, and being able to work and interact with so many people during that is an absolute blast. It’s also pretty awesome to work random events that people don’t know about or see, because that is where the true service of the group shines. Anytime I am with the group serving Auburn, it’s an awesome time.

What is your favorite Auburn tradition?
Rolling Toomer’s after a big win. One of the best memories I have at Auburn is driving back after the SEC Championship in 2013 and rolling the trees, then rolling them again in the same night after we found out we were going to the national championship. It’s always incredible to see so many people out there celebrating such an incredible University.

What are you plans after graduation?
That’s another tough one that I try to avoid thinking about as much as possible. With a finance degree, I would love to go into consulting for a few years. I think that would open up a ton of doors and would fit my personality well. I would also love to wok for a non-profit or study abroad for a year or two. I think that would really bring an awesome new perspective to my life after being at Auburn for four years.

What is your favorite restaurant in Auburn?
It’s hard to beat the wings at Moes BBQ. I eat there way to often, but they get better every time.

Last modified: 03/11/2016