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Design Standards

These are the various standards for style within the Student Affairs.

  • Minimal Design Standards
  • Logos
  • Official Colors
  • Publication Printing Approval



Wendy Daehn


Media & Marketing


Auburn University

255 Heisman Drive, Suite 1105 / Auburn, AL 36849

334-844-8920 (office)



Media & Marketing Contact

Approval request email

Wendy Daehn
Director, Media & Marketing
(334) 844-8920


Make a Request

To make a request for a: Brochure – Postcard – Form – Logo – Press Release/Media Advisory – Promotional Video – T-Shirt – Signage – Social Media – Website changes


Click to submit an order form:


Student Affairs Listservs

Student Affairs has a series of listservs that facilitate the ability to email all staff members. All members of Student Affairs are members of one or more of these listservs.

To send an email to one or more groups of people, type the specific listserv email address in the “To” box in the email draft. Once sent, the email will be approved and then distributed to the requested list of people.

New members may join the listservs by visiting the links below.

Connect With Us

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