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Enter the information you would like to be in your signature. Your updates will be immediately reflected in Step Two.

  • Format: 334-844-1304
  • Format: 334-844-1304
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Verify Your Signature

Make sure all of your information is correct. If changes are needs, go back to Step One. When you are ready to proceed, highlight all of the signature, from your name through the Student Affairs logo, then proceed to step 3.


Insert into your email client

Below are linked instructions on how to create an email signature for popular email clients. When you are creating a new email signature within your email client, paste your signature.

After pasting your signature please verify the font size is correct (sizes may vary).

Employee name, credentials: Arial Bold, 10 point
Remaining information: Arial Italic, 9 point
All text is in black.

Last modified: 02/20/2019