Auburn University Spirit of Excellence Award

PDWG seeks to provide recognition opportunities for staff members’ hard work within Student Affairs. The committee oversees the Student Affairs Awards nominations and selection process.  Additionally, PDWG manages the nominations process for submitting Student Affairs staff members as potential recipients for the university-wide Spirit of Excellence Award each month. PDWG invites you to nominate a colleague for the Auburn University Spirit of Excellence Award. Please submit your nominations to Trey Lightner by the 10 of each month by emailing him a completed version of this nomination form.  PDWG will review all nominations and submit a nominee, from each of the appropriate personnel categories to AU HR.  The award categories include: Service/Maintenance; Secretarial/Clerical; Technical; and Administrative/Professional.

Student Affairs Award Program

Student Affairs awards will be presented at the end of the academic year at the Spring Summit and are intended to recognize employees who have demonstrated excellence in performing their jobs as well as showing great teamwork and collaboration with others.

Any Student Affairs employee can submit a nomination form for someone they think should be considered for an award. Award nominations forms should be filled via our online submission form in Qualtrics or via email. All handwritten submissions should be fully completed and legible. All submissions are due to the Student Affairs HR Manager, electronic or via email, no later than the second week of April and should include the accomplishments of the employee that justify the award they are being nominated for. The nominee forms will be presented to a committee made up of employees who are not assigned to Student Affairs but may have knowledge of the Student Affairs mission. The HR Manager will also be part of the committee but only as the facilitator and serves as an ex officio member.

The Senior Vice-President of Student Affairs or his/her designee will present the Student Affairs awards at the Spring Summit.

Click here for the Student Affairs Awards Descriptions and printable forms.

All submissions are encouraged through the online Qualtrics form

Please contact Trey Lightner at with any questions.

2019-2020 Award Recipients

Legacy of Success: Brit Bowen, Student Media

Outstanding Support Staff: Paula Stokes-Clark, Campus Living

Outstanding Service Staff: Kyle Haynie, Student Center

Mover & Shaker: Jermaine Ferguson, University Housing

Campus Partner: Jeremy Roberts, Athletics

Program Administrator: Ellori White, University Housing

Outstanding Division Partnership: Auburn University Medical Clinic, Student Involvement, and Health Promotion and Wellness Services

Service to Students: Christy Coleman, Campus Recreation

Commitment to Culture and Care: Auburn Outdoors, Campus Recreation

Rookie of the Year: Kathryn-Ruth Sasser, Student Center

Unsung Hero: William Walker, Campus Dining

Most Valuable Player:

Jessica Colley, Student Development

Corey Edwards, Student Engagement

Lindsay Sharpe, Campus Living

Dr. Brandy Smith, Student Affairs Administration

Graduate Assistant: Xavier Mundell, University Housing

Supervisor of the Year: Alec Harvey, Student Media

Student Affairs Senior Vice President Award for Excellence: Dr. Kevin Hoult, University Housing

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