Mission and Values

Our Mission

Student Affairs cultivates a welcoming and meaningful student experience reflective of the Auburn Creed.

Our Core Values

Auburn Student Affairs is dedicated to the service and care of our students and the Auburn experience. We passionately cultivate a supportive and engaging campus, taking students from where they are to where they want to be. We are a division of dreamers, believers and achievers. A family that’s always there.

We are…

  • Committed – to the care and service of our students.
  • Honest – operating with integrity.
  • Respectful – of others and who they will become.
  • Responsive – in getting things done.
  • Dependable – through all challenges and successes.
  • Passionate – about the student experience and the Auburn Family. War Eagle!

We are Auburn Student Affairs.

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Last modified: 08/15/2019