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A Sound Mind

Overview: 'A Sound Mind' Initiative

Auburn University seeks to provide a diverse array of students resources for their mental health, which can be discovered using the ‘A Sound Mind’ website. Learn how to most effectively use and navigate the ‘A Sound Mind’ website along with campus resources for mental health and wellness through this 30-45 minute presentation.

To book this presentation email Markie Pasternak, Coordinator of Outreach and Peer Education, at

Partners of A Sound Mind

Many partners of ‘A Sound Mind’ give presentations to Auburn students, faculty and staff about mental health and wellness topics. Instead of canceling class, consider bringing in one of our speakers. Need a topic for your next staff meeting? Any of our partners would be happy to give one of the workshops, training or presentations outlined below.

Auburn Cares

The “Auburn Cares Overview” provides information on Auburn Cares services, as well as the Campus Food Pantry, Feed the Family Fund, and the Campus Career Closet.

If you would like to book this presentation please email Sarah Grace Walters at

Auburn Global

Auburn Global’s Cultural Competency presentation helps build awareness, knowledge, and perspective on best practices for interacting with people from different cultures.

If you would like to book this presentation please email Brennan Reeves, our Student Services Director, at

Health Promotion and Wellness Services

General Office Overview and Nine Dimensions of Wellness

This hour-long presentation gives an overview of the programs, services, and initiatives offered through Health Promotion and Wellness Services including but not limited to: The BeWell Hut, Green Dot, Nutrition Services, TESI, and Wellness Coaching. This is an interactive presentation in-cooperating activities about our Nine Dimensions of Wellness.

Body Positive

Body Positive is an interactive training used to guide Auburn students to cue into their bodies’ innate wisdom by learning to appreciate the body in any shape and size it may be.

Green Dot Overview

The WE.auburn initiative is part of a nationwide program called the Green Dot Bystander Intervention Program. The Green Dot program focuses on the actions of the bystander: the third party in any circumstance. By mobilizing the bystander to take action and intervene in a potentially dangerous or harmful situation, it is possible to change the outcome of a violent situation. We call these instances “green dots.” The goal of WE.auburn is to establish a community that does not tolerate violence. During a Green Dot Overview, participants will  learn about the culture WE.auburn seeks to create on campus.

Happiness and Self-Care Workshop

Happiness is a word thrown around by a lot of people, but how do we actively cultivate happiness in our own lives to improve our mental well-being? This workshop will walk you through three self-care strategies that research has shown improves your mood: chaining self-talk, gratitude, and mindfulness meditation.

Psych! The Psychology of Drinking

Drinking is a science, and many students know about the physiology of drinking. But do you know anything about the psychology of drinking? This presentation covers topics like alcohol  expediencies and tolerance, and is best for groups who have already received some basic alcohol education and would like more in-depth content.

QPR Suicide Prevention Training

QPR (Questions, Persuade, Refer) is an international suicide prevention training program that aims to save lives by providing hope to those who are thinking about suicide. This hour-long training provides gatekeepers with the tools necessary to talk to someone about suicide idealization by teaching three key intervention steps: question, persuade, refer.

Sleep Hygiene Workshop

Auburn University’s new peer health educator group, the Dream Team, focuses specifically on improving the sleep of Auburn students. This hour-long workshop given by the Dream Team fosters discussion about sleep health and habits in college-age individuals, looks at the benefits of healthy sleep, and gives tips on sleep hygiene to improve not only sleep quantity, but also quality.

Student Counseling and Psychological Services

To book one of the following presentations your group, please contact Dr. Dustin Johnson at  SCPS is also willing to develop a presentation on a specialized topic that is not listed below.

SCPS Services Presentation

An overview of the services offered by the counseling center, including how to connect with services, how to help someone connect with services, and what to do when someone is in crisis and needs to connect with services.

Helping Students in Distress

While QPR focuses on suicide prevention, this broader presentation is tailored to faculty, staff, and students who are in the position to help others in a general crisis situation (i.e., one that does not necessarily involve suicide).  It features suggestions and resources on how to help the student under distress access help.

Academic Performance Enhancement

Taken from sport psychology, these presentations focus on using mental toughness skills to promote more effective performance in academic settings.  These can include skills on how to manage test-taking anxiety, attention/focus concerns, and motivation difficulties.

Team Building and Conflict Resolution

SCPS has been asked in the past to consult with organizations to improve team-building and positive dynamics.  As such, the staff has developed presentations on how to build more cohesive teams at work.

Stress Management

SCPS has contributed to the development of a course on stress management offered through Human Resources.  Please visit the HRD course catalog for more information.

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