About ‘A Sound Mind’

What is 'A Sound Mind'?

“I believe in a Sound Mind, a Sound Body and a Spirit that is not afraid”.

This line from the Auburn Creed inspired our new, campus-wide, mental health initiative, ‘A Sound Mind’.

Eleven campus departments and ten student groups have come together to form an all-encompassing resource for mental health and wellness on Auburn’s Campus. Whatever a student’s unique needs may be, we hope everyone can find helpful resources and services via ‘A Sound Mind’.

In 2015, Auburn University formed a Mental Health Task Force to set up goals for the institution related to mental health . ‘A Sound Mind’ is a result of the Task Force’s second recommendation:

“To effectively address identified stigmas associated with mental health, the Task Forces has recommended a campus-wide communication strategy be created in an effort to change Auburn’s student culture and normalize help seeking behaviors” (Mental Health Task Force, 2015).

Looking at other similar resources at peer institutions, ‘A Sound Mind’ was created to provide easy access to information about mental health and wellness for all members of the Auburn family with the goal of supporting our students.

'A Sound Mind' Website

This website has been created to provide an all-encompassing resource for mental health and wellness at Auburn University. Our main sections include:

What Do You Need Help With?

Under this tab, students can find different topics they may need help with ranging from sleep and self-care to mental health conditions like depression and ADHD. Each section provides not only information on the topic, but resources including videos, apps, and on-campus services vetted by counselors in Student Counseling and Psychological Services as well as Health Promotion and Wellness Staff under the Division of Student Affairs.

Partners of A Sound Mind

Under this tab you fill find a list of all the campus departments who are partnering with ‘A Sound Mind’. Each name is linked to their department’s own, personal website.

Mental Health Trainings

As the Auburn Family, we have a commitment to taking care of one another. Under this tab, students, faculty and staff can find trainings available on campus to become more literate in mental health such as suicide prevention trainings, bystander intervention trainings and how to talk to someone in a difficult situation.


This tab is a place for students to find different opportunities to get involved with mental health on campus through student organization, peer health education groups, events, and leadership opportunities. This tab also includes resources for students to proactively work on their own general well-being while at Auburn.

Faculty and Staff

This tab is a place for faculty and staff to find resources on how to help Auburn students navigate mental health resources. Here faculty and staff can find presentations to bring to class on mental health topics, syllabus statements created by departments under the Division of Student Affairs, and resources on how to help a student in crisis.

'A Sound Mind' Coordinators

Dr. Dustin Johnson, Ph.D.

Director of Outreach, Student Counseling and Psychological Services


Markie Pasternak, M.S.Ed.

Coordinator of Outreach and Peer Education, Health Promotion and Wellness Services


Campus Partner Committee

  • Ashley Blake- Auburn Global
  • Ashley Carr- Academic Support Services
  • Adrian Ferrera- Auburn Athletics Sports Psychology and Counseling
  • Christy Tanner- Academic Advisors Caucus
  • Dustin Johnson- Student Counseling and Psychological Services
  • Garry Morgan- Office of Inclusion and Diversity
  • Lisa Padgett- Campus Recreation
  • Markie Pasternak- Health Promotion and Wellness Services
  • Nathan Waters- Office of Accessibility
  • Sarah Grace Walters- Auburn Cares

Student Committee

  • Abbey Brunault- Peer Wellness Coaches
  • Abby Hagelskamp- BeWell Hut
  • Andrew Kwateng- Interfraternity Council
  • Baker Smith- Student Government Association
  • Chase Chaplin- Dream Team
  • Gabby McKinnel- Active Minds
  • Jane Phillips- Spectrum
  • Taylor Jean Annerino- Active Minds
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Last modified: 10/15/2019