Living the Auburn Creed

Living the Auburn Creed

The Auburn Creed is a mantra meant to guide students to make good choices and behave like true Auburn men and women.

When that isn’t quite the case, a student may be referred to Student Conduct, the department responsible for addressing non-academic violations of University policy through the Code of Student Conduct.

Grace Anne Latimer is a graduate assistant in Student Conduct. One of her main responsibilities includes sitting down with students who are referred to Student Conduct and guiding them through the process.

Students can be referred to Student Conduct for violations both on-campus and off. If a law is broken, she helps guide the student through the legal process. Latimer says that most students who come into her office are respectful and remorseful.

“I worried I would meet students who were convinced they did nothing wrong,” Latimer says. “While that does represent a small portion of students, most students I see take ownership of their actions.”

During the 2019 football season, conduct violations in Jordan-Hare Stadium were down significantly from other seasons. The exact figure is 45 violations, a 16.67% decrease from policy violations in the 2018 season.

“We’re really proud of that number, because it shows that students are embodying the Creed and choosing to make good decisions,” Latimer says.

Student Conduct also works with students to refer them to other departments within Student Affairs, such as Student Counseling & Psychological Services and Auburn Cares.

“Something really unique about our office is our close proximity with Auburn Cares,” Latimer says. “I think this allows us to address conduct violations with a holistic approach of the whole student. We are able to address underlying issues and get students the help they may need.”

As a special education major, Latimer explains that her position in Student Conduct has prepared her for her career by giving her experience exercising empathy and discretion.

“I recognize that whoever walks into my office is a whole person with a story,” she says. “Keeping that in mind, I am able to see them for more than just their conduct violation and am able to connect them with other resources on campus.”

Her favorite part of her job is getting to meet students and help them through tough times.

“My favorite part of this role is getting to meet all of the students who come through my door,” Latimer says. “Though it may not be the best circumstances that brought them here, I’ve learned that everyone has a story.”

For more information about Student Conduct, please contact the office at 334-844-1305.

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Last modified: 04/20/2020