Plan, Sleep, Repeat

From planning hall socials to fielding noise complaints, resident assistants lead busy lives. Though balancing these responsibilities may sound like a tough act, Resident Assistant Jaylah Goodson says she wouldn’t change a thing.

Goodson, a junior majoring in biomedical sciences, is a resident assistant in Aubie Hall in the Village neighborhood. This is Goodson’s second year serving as a resident assistant, which she says she became interested in after learning about the opportunity from her mom.

“My mom has a good friend whose daughter served as a resident assistant,” explains Goodson. “She always had great stories about the experience, so I decided I should apply.”

Goodson spoke to her resident assistant and attended informational meetings before deciding to apply for the position, saying that serving as a resident assistant is one of the best decisions she has made during her time at Auburn.

“The relationships formed with my co-workers and my residents are really special; I can’t really put it into words,” she says. “It is such a rewarding experience.”

As a resident assistant, one of 77 at Auburn, Goodson is expected to work between six and 10 hours at the front desk of the residence hall each week and be on call for 5 nights every six weeks, which entails being available during all hours of the night.

Additionally, she is responsible each month for planning a social, which is a themed event targeted at facilitating interactions and engagement between residents. She recently planned a “Chips, Dips & Tips” event, where residents were served chips and various dips while hearing from faculty members about personal development and life skills.

Goodson says that the key to succeeding as a resident assistant is knowing how to manage your time efficiently.

“My major is biomedical sciences pre-medicine, so I have a lot going on at all times,” says Goodson. “I have a great staff [in University Housing] that works with me on my schedule, but I also have that skill within myself to be disciplined with my time and make my workload more manageable.”

University Housing Graduate Assistant Xavier Mundell says that Goodson’s sense of care for others is what distinguishes her from other resident assistants.

“Jaylah is an exceptional resident assistant because you can tell she cares about other people so deeply,” he says. “She always takes the time to consider both her residents and her co-resident assistants to ensure that she can help in the most effective way.”

Applications for resident assistants for the 2020-2021 year will open on November 11. For more information about the resident assistant program, please contact University Housing by phone at 334-844-4580 or by email at


Last modified: 10/30/2019