Photo of Ari AlexanderAri Alexander remembers sitting at Convocation her freshman year, surrounded by mostly high school friends. Having been involved in many clubs and organizations in high school, Alexander was excited to hear the student leaders speak. As the freshmen prepared to receive the convocation message, her friend turned to her and said, “That will be you in a few years,” referring to the student leaders presenting lines of the Auburn Creed. They laughed about it and sat through the ceremony.

Flash forward to 2019: Alexander, now a senior, gets an email asking her to be a speaker at freshman Convocation.

“I texted my friend immediately and told him his prediction from freshman year had come true,” Alexander says.

Alexander was asked to speak the line of the Creed in front of more than 4,300 first-year students in attendance, “I believe that this is a practical world and that I can only count on what I earn. Therefore, I believe in work, hard work.”

The line could not be a more accurate representation of Alexander’s time at Auburn thus far. As president of the War Eagle Girls and Plainsmen (WEGP) organization, Alexander serves Auburn by acting as an official hostess of the university. She is the first female president of the organization.

Alexander says being a leader on campus has taught her important lessons, including professionalism, soft skills and how to be a good follower. The most important lesson Alexander has learned about involvement is how to fully pour yourself into something you’re passionate about.

“Freshman and sophomore year, I tried to get involved in a lot,” she says. “It made me realize that I might be spreading myself too thin and that I needed to find the one thing I was passionate about and stick with that. I have really enjoyed WEGP because it has allowed me to see campus from so many angles and deepens my appreciation for Auburn even more.”


Last modified: 10/08/2019