Tim Tebow Comes to Campus



On Jan. 17, Tim Tebow came to campus to speak as part of the Delta Speaker Series.

The event served as the spring kickoff for Emerge at Auburn’s Explore Spring program. Tebow, a Heisman Trophy winner, NCAA National Football Champion and New York Times best-selling author, spoke to the audience about his life, lessons he has learned along the way and ways to serve those around you.

“Don’t live by your emotions, live by your convictions,” Tebow says. “Never lose sight of what matters most to you.” Tebow also encouraged the audience to persevere when faced with adversity. “I don’t care how hard I got hit, they could never take my passion,” he says.

Auburn student Tali Milde describes the experience of seeing Tebow in person as surreal. “As a former student-athlete, I have always loved sports, and especially looked up to Tim Tebow,” she says. “Getting to see him speak on this campus I love so dearly reminds me of just how many neat opportunities Auburn gives me outside of the classroom.”

The speaker series, is made possible through a generous gift by Delta Air Lines. The series is a monthly opportunity for all Auburn students to learn from successful leaders in their respective fields on topics related to the Emerge at Auburn program.

Plans are in the works for the upcoming February, March and April speakers. For more information, please contact Assistant Director of Student Involvement John-Michael Roehm at roehmjm@auburn.edu.


Last modified: 02/19/2019