AUBURN UNIVERSITY- The Auburn University Student Government Association created a new tradition, Creed Week, from Feb. 27 through March 2, 2017. The week was started in conjunction with Student Affairs Office of Student Conduct in order to celebrate the history and spirit of the Auburn Creed, as well as promote what it really means to “Be the Creed.”

Each day of the week is dedicated to different lines from the Creed. SGA partnered with organizations across campus to plan coordinating events and activities.

Monday, Feb. 27, marked the first day of Creed Week, promoting lines in the creed that highlight the importance of hard work and the value of education. SGA passed out free scantrons, a commonly used test-taking tool, on the concourse throughout the day.

The week continued on Feb. 28, promoting lines of the creed that focus on maintaining a sound mind and sound body. SGA promoted maintaining a “sound mind” by passing out bubble wrap on the concourse to encouraging students to “Pop Their Problems.” Along with this, the Be well with Active Minds’ Be Well Hut was on the concourse handing out buttons with messages from the Creed. Group Zumba on the Student Center green space and group yoga later in the afternoon encouraged a “sound body.” The day concluded with an Auburn vs. Samford baseball game in Plainsman Park, where students could receive a free hot dog with their Creed Week stickers.

Wednesday, March 1, was dedicated to lines of the Creed encouraging obedience to the law and valuing the human touch. SGA gave students a chance to “Sit Down, Make A Friend” with the Auburn Police Department and Campus Police on the concourse. To showcase the importance of human touch, the students were given a chance to spin the wheel of kindness on the concourse.

March 2 was dedicated to believing in “my Country… doing justly, loving mercy, and walking humbly with God,” which was supported by “Thank A Vet” day on the concourse. Students were invited to write letters to deployed alumni with ROTC, Silver Wings, Auburn alumni and student veterans.

The week ended on Friday, March 3, highlighting the line: “I believe in Auburn and love it.” The day featured a tailgate with the WEGL 91.1 team and Tiger Dining on the Student Center green space. A petting zoo on the green space followed.

“This year’s Creed Week was a great success,” said Jennings Bowden, SGA executive vice president of Communications & Marketing. “The first year of any program has many challenges and sometimes barriers, but the Creed Week directors in SGA did a phenomenal job planning and executing a great week. We are excited use feedback and things we learned this year to improve upon things for the future.”

In 1943, George Petrie, Auburn University professor and first football coach, wrote what he believed to be the ideals of the Auburn Family. His Creed became one of Auburn’s most sacred doctrines and outlines what it means to be an Auburn man or woman.

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Written by Grace Fabyan

Last modified: 04/20/2017