WE.auburn is Auburn University’s Green Dot Bystander Intervention initiative aimed at reducing sexual assault, dating/domestic violence, and stalking/harassment. Since October 2015, we have been hosting presentations and trainings on how we, as active and courageous bystanders, can safely intervene (a green dot) when we see a signs of a potentially dangerous situation or behavior (a red dot).

Now we want to hear from you—what is YOUR green dot moment? When have you reacted in a situation and safely intervened OR engaged in a proactive behavior that demonstrated the importance of WE.auburn? Submit your green dot moment to be entered to win a pair of BeatsX earphones or one of three $100 vouchers for non-expiring Tiger Dining money!

Directions: Using the following form, describe your most important green dot moment since October 2015 in as much detail as possible without including personally-identifying information. By completing this form, you are consenting for us to use your submission (without your name) for marketing and program evaluation purposes. Please remember that this submission is intended to collect stories of bystanders, not those of victims/survivors or perpetrators.

Tell us your story here: https://baseline.campuslabs.com/p/Project.aspx?q=485d60f7d40c30e0c179fd95f342cce47f4ba00f35635046e2f3b000e06670ac3f736ac536cf9fecdbfc3054dc598d9e9b37a42af6d50fec&r=3a4fd87d-9332-4158-a7fd-5d0c72aac2bd

Last modified: 04/11/2017