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AUBURN UNIVERSITY- On Monday, Feb. 27, 2017, the Office of Student Conduct in Student Affairs announced the 2017 Be The Creed Honoree, Curry Cates. An awards reception was held at 4 p.m. in the Alumni Center to honor Cates and the other nominees.

This is the second year that Student Conduct has accepted nominations from faculty, staff and students for the Honoree award, which is part of the overall Be The Creed campaign launched in Fall 2015. The award was created to recognize Auburn students who exemplify the values of the Auburn Creed: hard work, honesty, sympathy, respect, helpfulness, obedience and good sportsmanship.

Cates is a senior from Oxford, Alabama. He was nominated by Jordan Conway, a graduate assistant in the Office of Student Involvement, for his “hard work, sympathy, honesty, respect and helpfulness.” Curry has been involved at Auburn as a Camp War Eagle counselor and has dedicated his time to the Auburn University Dance Marathon Morale Committee, which helps raise money for Children’s Miracle Network.

Conway, in her nomination for Cates, wrote “Curry pours his heart and soul into the campus community at Auburn, his presence is electric and he is incredibly talented at broaching meaningful conversations.”

More than two years ago, Cates participated in the Be The Match bone marrow drive through his involvement with Dance Marathon.Two years after filling out a form and submitting a DNA swab, he matched with a young man fighting Acute Myelogenous Leukemia in Paris, France. Without hesitation, Curry agreed to donate stem cells to a complete stranger. He spent New Years Day in a Washington, D.C. hospital, having his stem cells collected to save the life of a man he may never know.

Cates was selected as the 2017 Be The Creed Honoree because of this courageous act, his example of selfless, enduring love for all and his embodiment of what it means to live the Auburn Creed.


Additional Nominees
“And because Auburn men and women believe in these things, I believe in Auburn and love it.”
-George Petrie, Author of the Auburn Creed

Isabella Aldan
• Isabella Aldana is a senior from Vestavia Hills, Alabama. Matthew Hultstrand, academic support technology assistant in the Office of Academic Support, nominated Aldana for her hard work. She is in her third semester at Auburn and has already obtained senior academic status. In addition to dedication to her classes and research, Aldana gives her time to the Beat Bama Food Drive, the Be Well Hut, The Big Event and IMPACT. Hultstrand wrote “Isabella embodies the Auburn Creed’s message to believe in education, and she has a genuine love for helping others!”

Amanda Bell
• Amanda Bell is a junior from Cullman, Alabama. Lerone Joseph, an area
coordinator for University Housing and Residence Life, nominated Bell for her hard work, respect and helpfulness. She is a member of the University Housing and Residence Life team. She serves as a mentor to new resident assistants, the new graduate area coordinator and several first-year female students. Joseph wrote that their team admires the amount of respect that she has for everyone and how she embraces differences. He wrote in his nomination for Bell, “She always thinks of the bigger picture, the best interest of her residents and is a model for how all of us should embrace the Creed.”

Zachary Blomeley
• Zachary Blomeley is a senior from Homewood, Alabama. Shannon Cantlay, a graduate assistant in the Office of Student Involvement, nominated Blomeley for his hard work, respect and helpfulness. Blomeley has worked in the First Year Experience Office, where he worked to make Auburn feel like home for staff members, fellow counselors and incoming freshman students. He is a role model for younger counselors through his ability to balance hard work and fun. Blomeley has also been involved in the Freshman Leadership Program where he dedicates his time to the program and his peers. Cantlay stated that he is “hard working, intentional, respectful and an Auburn man through and through.”

Sarah Beth Cape
• Sarah Beth Cape is a senior from Huntsville, Alabama. Nancy Noe, a librarian in the Ralph Brown Draughon Library and former chair of the Student Discipline committee, nominated Cape for her hard work, sympathy, honesty, respect and helpfulness. Cape is not only dedicated to her academics in finance, but also dedicated outside of the classroom. Cape served as the editor-in-chief of this year’s Glomerata, the secretary of her social sorority and in several roles with the Student Government Association. Cape served as a student representative on the 2016 Student Discipline committee. Noe wrote that Cape’s “honesty, intelligence and respect for all parties involved in hearings was exemplary. Cape reflects the best of the Auburn Creed in her work and very being.”

Mark Gomez
• Mark Gomez is a senior from Cullman, Alabama. Scott Dirksen, an assistant director for the Auburn Recreation and Wellness Center, nominated Gomez for his hard work, sympathy, good sportsmanship, honesty, respect, obedience and helpfulness. Gomez is a leader among his peers through his positive attitude and hard work ethic. Gomez is a three-time vice president of the Auburn Flyer’s Cycling Club, founder of Firma Cycling Team, Rental Shop manager at Auburn Outdoors, leader for the Volunteer Trip Leader Program, and has held various internships within the supply chain industry. Dirksen wrote that Gomez can be described as “intelligent, patient and passionate; he exemplifies the Auburn Creed in its every form.

Rachael Hart
• Rachael Hart is a senior from Springfield, Ohio
Lauren Butcher, coordinator of personal training for the Auburn Recreation and Wellness Center, nominated Rachael for her hard work, sympathy, good sportsmanship, honesty, respect, obedience and helpfulness. Hart has worked multiple jobs in order to put herself through college. She gives 100 percent to each job as if it is her only job. Similar to the words of the Creed, Rachael uses her mind and hands to work skillfully with each of her personal training clients. Rachael is a mentor to younger personal trainers, and she has the ability to both sympathize and empathize with each over her clients. Butcher described her as “genuine, honest, kind, and a living, breathing example of our Creed.”

Teyonna Johnson
• Teyonna Johnson is a senior from Troy, Alabama. Scott Tye, a sophomore student and Creed Ambassador, nominated Johnson for her hard work, respect and helpfulness. Johnson demonstrates the values of the Creed through her incredible work ethic, respect for each individual she meets and her willingness to help other people. Johnson is a student recruiter and can be found every Friday giving tours of campus. She serves as the vice president of the theatre organization AU Players and assists with the shows put on by Auburn’s theatre department. Johnson’s nominator wrote that “she is humble, treats everyone with the utmost respect they deserve and is one of the most helpful people they have ever met.”

Gavyn McCall
• Gavyn McCall is a sophomore from Birmingham, Alabama. Jessica Koehler, an area coordinator for University Housing and Residence Life, nominated McCall for his hard work, sympathy, good sportsmanship, honesty, respect, obedience and helpfulness. McCall demonstrates helpfulness in his role as a resident assistant, where he dedicates his time to residents struggling with adjustments. Through sympathy and respect for his residents, he listens and forms relationships, which creates a strong and inclusive community in his hall. His work performance is outstanding and reliable. He exceeds expectations in handling crisis situations, comforting and uplifting residents, talking with parents, and planning activities. Koehler wrote that “he is constantly optimistic, upbeat, and uplifting. His greatest attribute is his positive attitude and uplifting spirit.”

Annie Sauer
• Annie Sauer is a senior from Summerfield, North Carolina. Nicholas Head, coordinator of Competitive Sports for the Auburn Recreation and Wellness Center, nominated Sauer for her hard work, good sportsmanship and helpfulness. Sauer has been involved with the Competitive Sports program for more than two years as an official and a supervisor. She works with hundreds of student participants on a weekly basis, all while maintaining a positive attitude and demeanor. Her role includes training, educating and motivating supervisors and officials. Head wrote that “she works to ensure that all participants have an enjoyable experience, win or lose, and more importantly, have a better understanding and respect for their opponents and officials.”

Taylor White
• Taylor White is a senior from Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Steve Gibson, building specialist for the Auburn Recreation and Wellness Center, nominated Taylor for his hard work, sympathy, good sportsmanship, honesty, respect, obedience and helpfulness. Taylor began working at the Recreation and Wellness Center as a facility attendant has worked his way up to a lead supervisor position. His supervisor stated that in order to obtain this position, Taylor had to exemplify the values of the Creed on a daily basis. Taylor is always positive, serves as a role model, acts as an encourager and demonstrates respect to his coworkers and members of the center. He is trusted with providing honest and diplomatic feedback on sensitive issues. Gibson wrote that “he continuously impresses people with his professionalism, hard work, and ability to communicate well with anyone he meets.”

Written by Hayley Wright

Last modified: 03/27/2017