Meet Jacqueline, Auburn University’s incoming Student Government Association president
Jacqueline is a junior from Guntersville studying Economics. She has been involved with Panhellenic, SGA and War Eagle Girls and Plainsmen while at Auburn.

Why did you choose to come to Auburn?
I chose to come to Auburn because two of my best friends from Girls State, Brooke Buckles and Lea Cameron Nipper, were coming here and  they pushed me to visit. Also, encouragement from my girls state counselor, Kristen Viligant, helped me want to come to Auburn for a tour. Once I got here, the campus sold itself.

What inspired you to want to run for SGA President?
I went to a conference last February that gave me a new perspective of campus as a whole and lit a fire under me to get back to Auburn and get to work. Cody Bass and I took on several projects – it was with him that a lot of vision and ideas came to fruition. Following that conference, I got the opportunity to serve as a War Eagle Girl and to work in the President’s Office. All of these experiences brought my passion and capability to serve Auburn full circle and served as the catalyst to run for SGA President.

What are your goals for your term?
My team and I are currently working to outline out vision and goals for the year. My personal goal for my team is for us to be inclusive and representative of the student body, while operating from a place of character, commitment, and passion to leave Auburn a little bit better than we found it.

What mark do you hope to make on Auburn in your time here?
I hope to leave Auburn and SGA in hands well prepared and capable of serving this university in better ways that I can.

What is your favorite way to relax in Auburn?

My favorite way to relax in Auburn is to watch “This is Us” and do face masks with my friends.

What do you hope to do when you graduate?
My ideal career path is to get involved with economic development, but I am open to any opportunities I may have!

Written by Hayley Wright

Last modified: 02/22/2017