Meet Kayla
Kayla Warner is a public relations major with a minor in women’s studies. She is from Daphne, AL and is involved in Black Student Union and Student Government Association.

What brought you to Auburn?
I always knew that I was going to Auburn because it was my dream school. However, the “Auburn feeling” is what sold me.

How would you describe the mission of BSU?
“Unity through education,” we want to unite the student body through cultural, social and practical knowledge outside of the classroom.

What are your responsibilities as President?
As President, I oversee all of the inner workings of Black Student Union.  But, more than anything I am representative of Black Student Union at all times and an advocate for diversity and inclusion for Auburn University.

How did you start working with BSU?
I started working with BSU as a member of our Freshman Committee, from there I felt a connection to the organization.

What exciting things does BSU have coming this year? 
Our general assembly meetings every Monday at 5 p.m. in Student Center Room 2222/2223 have been highly engaging. They are a great way to spend an hour on a Monday evening. Our social and activities committees will be planning several smaller philanthropic and networking events throughout the semesters as well. Our Jazz and Poetry night will be annual instead of semi-annual this year with one event happening in February. And of course, we have everyone’s favorite event– Soul Food Bazaar on Feb. 28, during Black History Month.

What message do you hope to leave on Auburn’s campus? 
I hope to leave the message of doing your best for the best. It’s easy thing to live your life in a vacuum, to not be concerned with things that don’t affect your life. But, the easy thing to do is not always the right thing to do.

What is your favorite Auburn tradition?
Honestly, I have the hardest time coming up with an answer to this question.  The “involvement” part of me wants to say the anticipation and butterflies that we all get at Callouts at the backsteps of Cater. And, the football lover wants to say the giddiness and excitement of hearing “All right Tiger fans! Get your hands up for Bodda Getta!” But, more than anything my favorite Auburn tradition is a simple “War Eagle,” because it’s a little piece of Auburn you can take anywhere.


Written by Hayley Wright

Last modified: 02/22/2017