Eagle Eye, Auburn’s student run television station, held “The Great Debate” for Auburn College Democrats, College Republicans and the Young Americans for Liberty on Wednesday, Oct. 26, in Foy Auditorium at 7 p.m.

Eagle Eye TV submitted debate questions, and each organization, represented by two members, submitted six questions of their own. The topics of debate included concealed carry on college campuses, affirmative action, college tuition and campus violence and sexual assault. Toward the end of the debate, audience members were invited to ask the debaters a few questions of their own.

According to Brandon Etheredge, Eagle Eye executive producer of the debate, the moderators Chip Brownlee, Evan Blank and Taylor Harrison spent a significant amount of time picking and formulating the questions in order to determine which questions were fair, but would also challenge the debaters. The moderators were all representatives of student media outlets.

Etheredge, who was responsible for coordinating everything from staffing, content, graphics, social media presence and technology productivity, said Eagle Eye is very fortunate to have students with such a wide variety of talents to make events such as this possible because there are so many different elements involved in order to have a successful execution of production.

Eagle Eye Engineer Chris Campbell and WEGL Engineer Jay Barnhardt partnered to ensure that all of the audio and video for the web livestream and the live audience was functional, and according to Etheredge, that is not an easy task.

Carter Gustin, Eagle Eye graphic designer, said that although events like this can be stressful, they are extremely fun. Gustin said the debate was also a good test-run for Eagle Eye’s part two of the 2016 election coverage called “Eye on the Whitehouse,” which streamed on channel 6 on campus, Tuesday, Nov. 8, at 6 p.m.

Charlsie Nacrelli served as the debate host and was responsible for keeping the show moving during commercial breaks and audience questions. Numerous other Eagle Eye staffers were responsible for running studio equipment, operating cameras and having people on standby in the case of something going wrong.

The debate coverage also included a post-debate show, anchored by Eagle Eye Anchor Michaela Bostick, which received live reports from Eagle Eye members Matt Stanley, William Scott and Jonathan Thomas.

“Coordinating all these people was not an easy task but allowing each of them to do what they are talented at made it much easier than it could have been,” said Etheredge. “Each of the people involved is incredibly skilled at what they were doing on that night as well as leading up to it. Most of the time, I was just making sure I knew what everyone had prepared for debate night and then found the most effective way to use it.”

Eagle Eye is part of Auburn Student Media Group, which also includes The Auburn Plainsman, WEGL radio, The Circle and The Glomerata.

To view the full debate and other Eagle Eye videos, visit the Eagle Eye YouTube channel.

Written by Rachel Littleton

Last modified: 01/09/2017