AUBURN UNIVERSITY- The International Student Organization celebrated its 13th International Peace Dinner on the third floor of the Student Center on Thursday., Oct. 27, 2016, from 6 to 8 p.m. Over 1,150 students and members of the community gathered together to experience a world of culture on a plate. There was a $1 entrance fee with all proceeds benefiting the Beat Bama Food Drive.30607354831_3dd0907181_o

The dinner menu featured traditional appetizers, entrees, sides and desserts from 14 different countries and student organizations. A variety of flavors and dishes from cultures including Turkey, Korea, Nepal, Vietnam, Africa, Iran, Bangladesh, Egypt, China, Taiwan and India made a steaming spread. The dinner also included vegetarian and halal options.

Outside of the Involvement Suite, Auburn Global students stood behind the tables and served the three-course meal to attendees. The ballroom was opened for attendees to sit, eat and converse.

“The International Peace Dinner brought back so many good memories of my studies abroad,” said Taylor Lawrence, a senior studying communication disorders. “Food is such an important part of cultural identity, and I loved seeing the pride on the faces of the servers as they shared with me a part of their home.”

The event requires much preparation and logistical planning on the part of the ISO. With the most attendees in the event’s history and $1,130 in donations raised, ISO said that this was the biggest event they’ve ever had, and they were extremely pleased with how smoothly it went.

30658540416_118b64628c_o“This event brings together Auburn University and the Auburn community as a whole. We talk a lot here at Auburn about the ‘Auburn Family,’” said Jacob Beauchamp, treasurer of ISO. “It can be easy though, to leave out some members or groups of the family. The Peace Dinner is an event for all, an event where we can truly come together and not just celebrate different cultures, but also appreciate and get to know the individuals that make up the Auburn family.”

The International Peace Dinner represented ISO’s overall mission: to promote relationships and understanding between people of different backgrounds and cultures.

In addition to the International Peace Dinner, ISO has a weekly Social Hour every Friday at 4 p.m. as well as many cultural showcases throughout the year for students interact and gain a multicultural point of view.

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Written by Hayley Wright

Last modified: 12/01/2016