AUBURN UNIVERSITY- Students gathered on the Student Center green space on Auburn’s Wednesday, Oct. 5, from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m., to participate in the Student Government Association’s Hey Day. Hey Day is known as “the friendliest day on the Plains,” and has been a tradition at Auburn since 1949. On Hey Day, SGA encourages the members of the Auburn Family to “greet one another with the Auburn Spirit” and draw closer together.dsc_0148

SGA volunteers distributed nametags for students to wear around campus in order to learn each other’s names and greet one another by simply saying, “Hey!” Four directors, 26 head volunteers and 145 additional volunteers distributed 8,000 nametags to students, staff and faculty for the Hey Day event.

This year, the theme for Hey Day was “Saying Hey Since Back in the Day.” The tradition of Hey Day began when students greeted their peers returning home from World War II. Since then, the day has become a staple of SGA in promoting unity and friendliness on campus.

SGA celebrated the day with a full schedule of events. They started the morning off by distributing donuts, coffee, Hey Day nametags an buttons. For lunch, they served pizza to the students on the green space lawn. Throughout the day, there were also several musical performances by students Andolyn Parrish, Austin Cain and Caroline Jackson. Organizations including Kappa Alpha Psi, AU Rhythm, cheerleaders and Tiger Paws performed dances and cheers as well.

dsc_0061“I think it’s a neat way to identify with people. Knowing their name just makes it more personal,” said student Hannah Rainwater, a senior studying psychology.

“My favorite part of Hey Day is getting to talk to people you know, but don’t know as well as you would like to,” said Graham Eschmann, a junior in finance. “You get the chance to address them by name and get to know them better.”

Thousands of students spent the day on the green space listening to musical performances, eating lunch and mingling. Several featured guests included Aubie the Tiger, raptors from the Southeastern Raptor Center and a puppy petting zoo. Connor Porterfield, director of Hey Day, said his committee was pleasantly surprised by the large turn out.

“I think it [Hey Day] is important to Auburn University, because it is a true expression of the Auburn spirit,” said Porterfield. “It promotes a friendly atmosphere and creates long-lasting relationships.”

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Written by Hayley Wright

Last modified: 10/19/2016