12115912_10206899485799472_3287735625226711339_nTaylor Wesley was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and grew up in Atlanta, Georgia, where she attended Wesleyan High School. She is majoring in Communication along with a minor in Psychology and was named Miss Homecoming in 2015. Taylor loves to travel and has had the opportunity to live in London, England, Sydney, Australia, and to study abroad in Cape Town, South Africa. Learn more about her below.

Why did you choose Auburn?

I chose to attend Auburn the moment I stepped foot on this campus during a tour in high school.  I have had family members attend but what truly got me to make the decision was the family atmosphere and the hospitality that this university holds.  My initial impression has held true and I am so glad that I made that decision.

Can you tell me about your experience after being named Miss Homecoming? What have you accomplished so far?

After being named Miss Homecoming 2015 I have had the chance to use this title to continue to bring light to the topic of Mental Health on Auburn’s campus.  This past year I had the pleasure of serving as the Health and Wellness Director for the Student Government Association, where my job was to ensure that the student body is aware and made use of all of the benefits that the school has to offer for both physical and mental health. Being able to carry my platform out in a practical way through this position was a privilege. I was a member of the Mental Health Task Force along with other faculty, staff, and students where we conducted research and focus groups to get a better grasp on the prevalence of mental health on our campus, while creating a plan to continue improving the lifestyle and resources for Auburn Students.  I had the opportunity to partner up with the president of Active Minds to put together the second annual Mental Wealth Week this past March. The purpose of the week was to create ‘wealth’ through positive thought, action, and mental health awareness.  I have also gotten the opportunity to speak to various organizations further about my personal journey with Mental Health.

IMG_2585What all do you do for the WE.auburn Campaign?

As Health and Wellness Director for SGA, I had the opportunity to attend a week-long training program for WE.auburn, Auburn University’s version of the Green Dot Program, in summer 2015. Through this extensive training, I, along with other students and faculty/staff became certified Green Dot instructors to be able to spread this knowledge across campus.  My main goal is to help the campaign raise awareness for violence prevention and also inform students about available training sessions throughout the school year.  Violence is more prevalent than we think, whether it’s domestic violence, sexual assault, or stalking.  By working together as a community and as bystanders we could help reduce the chances of these occurring.

What is your favorite part of working with Health and Wellness?

My favorite part of working with Health and Wellness is that through my story it has become my calling to help this university with something so prevalent and so real. Statistically speaking, 1 in 4 students struggle with mental health, which is 7000 students on Auburn’s campus. Health is so crucial at this time in students’ lives because they are shaping their values, visions, and the person they are constantly transforming into. Through raising awareness, students have approached me and opened up about their experiences, and that is the most rewarding part about being a part of something much greater than me.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given while in college?

In this point in student’s lives, we tend to worry a lot about the unforeseen future.  The best advice that I have been given in college is from my peers in Recovery. Instead of worrying about the future, it is important to be thankful for each day that his been given to us and make the most of that day. That is why I try to live by the motto “One day at a time.”



Last modified: 08/30/2016