Honeywell 1Brandon Honeywell is a junior majoring in Biomedical Sciences and plans to go to medical school beginning fall 2017. He is originally from Huntsville, Ala., and was was elected SGA Vice President in the spring 2016 elections. In addition to his commitments to SGA, he is a member of ODK, Phi Kappa Phi, AED, Lambda Sigma and a social fraternity. He has also been heavily involved in The Oaks Retreat organization, volunteering with the East Alabama Medical Center and IMPACT. Learn more about him below.

What brought you to Auburn?
I was drawn to Auburn by its excellent academic profile, its appealing campus, its Division I atmosphere, and its quality people. As a first generation Auburn student, I have truly come to love this university and am humbled by the incredible opportunities I have been given along the way. I hope that others will walk away from Auburn enjoying it as much as I have.

What compelled you to run for SGA Vice President?
I ultimately ran for Vice President because I feel called to give back to Auburn students. I want to build on the opportunities that I have been given through the Student Senate to reach others and to lead SGA in a way that students know their voices are being heard.

What do you hope to accomplish now that you have been elected?
Simply, my goal is to execute the VP office well. I aim to do that through three major objectives, including making senate familiar and accessible to all students, communicating effectively, and seeing past projects through to fruition (such as the Auburn Memorial Project, dead days, and the course outline bank). I also promise to faithfully voice student concerns and act as a responsible, transparent, and committed trustee as an SGA Executive Officer.

What is your favorite Auburn tradition and why?
I think my favorite Auburn tradition would have to be the War Eagle flight. It’s something unique to Auburn that (even Alabama fans admit) is really cool.

What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?
The best advice I’ve ever been given comes from Matthew 6:33-34. Essentially it is to love and honor God first and foremost, and to trust Him instead of spending time worrying what the next day will bring. This is the best advice I can think of, because it gives me a sense of both purpose and peace for every solitary day.

Last modified: 07/01/2016