Alex Barnett 2Alex Barnett is a senior majoring in marketing from Birmingham, Ala. She has served on the University Program Council for four years and currently serves as the president. She began on Tiger Nights as a committee member and has absolutely loved every minute spent working with UPC.

What do your duties/responsibilities consist of? What is the time commitment like?

Becoming President has been an incredible learning experience for me. Along with my Executive members, I am responsible for interviewing, organizing, and training our 55 Directors and 100 Committee members. I oversee event planning, publicizing and hosting events for Major Entertainment, Speakers and Comedians and Development. I work to better promote the UPC brand to the campus through organizational awareness. We host weekly UPC Council meetings to keep our ten different committees informed of events and new information. I also take on the role as ambassador for administration and other organizations when they reach out to UPC for partnerships or information. Being president of UPC is definitely a large time commitment but it has been the best part of my Auburn experience.

What is the mission of UPC?

The University Program Council is an organization run by students, for students. Our purpose is to provide students from all corners of campus with innovative, educational and engaging events. These events bring students together, help them meet new people and facilitate relationships. We serve the campus by hosting free events that promote good-natured and goofy fun for students. Our goal is to better the Auburn experience for all students by giving them exciting things to do every day of the week.

What brought you to Auburn University initially? What is your favorite tradition?

Although I come from a house divided, my mom made sure I grew up in a tiny Auburn cheerleading uniform. My mother’s side of the family all attended Auburn University and had a passion for getting involved on campus. My favorite tradition at Auburn is attending O-Days every Wednesday on the concourse. Auburn has a unique culture that values students finding their passions through different organizations on campus. O-Days are a great way to meet new people, share information, and publicize for upcoming events for all of Auburn’s organizations.

What led you to getting involved with UPC?

I have always looked up to my older sister, Laura, who spent her four years at Auburn serving on UPC. She encouraged me to pursue involvement and I fell in love with the unique opportunities UPC had to serve parts of campus that are not often catered to. I also have always had a passion for event planning!

Do you have a favorite memory from serving with UPC?

Every day I’ve gotten to spend serving the campus through UPC has been an amazing experience. Each day brings about different challenges and obstacles to overcome but also brings smiling faces and joyful spirits. My all-time favorite memory was a Tiger Nights event in 2014: Tiger Nights Backyard Bash featuring Andy Grammer. On a beautiful spring night, we hosted an outdoor concert on the AU Green Space. Andy Grammer was an absolute joy to work with and he fell in love with the Auburn spirit and student body that night as he plunged into the crowd to go body surfing. Planning the meticulous details with my team taught us about responsibility and time management. Publicizing the event allowed us to be creative as we came up with catchy slogans and fun promotions. Executing the event was filled with adrenaline and positive attitudes. Seeing everyone enjoying the concert was one of the best moments of my college career.

Last modified: 05/27/2016