UnknownJames Beauchaine was born and raised in Birmingham, Alabama, where he attended Oak Mountain High School. He is majoring in Biomedical Sciences and hopes to attend medical school after he graduates. He is also getting a minor in Business, which coincides with his interest in business management and finance. He has most recently been elected the 2016-2017 Student Government Association Treasurer. Learn more about him below.

Why did you choose Auburn?

Growing up, I loved coming to Auburn football games with my family and with friends. We went to Tiger Walk, Toomer’s, and participated in all the game-day traditions. I quickly grew to love the atmosphere of the campus and knew it was something I wanted to experience as a college student. I also love the small town feel that Auburn offers, making it a welcoming, hospitable community for students.

What made you choose to run for SGA Treasurer?

Two years ago, if you had asked me if running for SGA Treasurer was anywhere on my radar and I would have confidently said no. It truly was not until this past semester, as a Senator At Large working on the Budget and Finance Committee, that my desire to serve SGA in a larger capacity was sparked. I loved actively engaging in the duties and responsibilities of the Budget and Finance Committee. It was through this experience that I learned of the need to provide to students with further insight into the process of allocating student activity funds. After praying a lot about it, God gave me the peace I needed to make the decision to run for SGA Treasurer. I am very blessed to have the support of my peers inspiring me to diligently serve them and I’m excited for the year ahead!

What do you hope to accomplish as the new SGA Treasurer?

My primary goal is to make the budget process more accessible and transparent to students. In doing so, I hope to gain feedback on how we can better ensure we are spending student money in the most appropriate and most effective way. Every student should be impacted positively through the spending of his or her activity fee and it is my desire to build oversight into the allocation process. There are several other tasks I hope to accomplish, including putting the budgets and monthly expenditure reports online and establishing a student salary review board to evaluate and report on student paid salaries within the seven student activity portfolios.

What was your favorite part of being on the Senate Budget and Finance Committee?

I definitely loved the actual budget hearings. We prepared for weeks before the hearings and finally getting to see that hard work pay off was so rewarding. I think my favorite part was having the opportunity to work with a team of student leaders who cared so much about the organization(s) they oversaw and represented. It was quite impressive to see the leadership of various student organizations and to learn more about the impactful activities sponsored by these organizations. I have to give a lot of thanks to our Budget and Finance chairperson (India Way) for doing such a great job in preparing us and for building a team that worked remarkably well together. We did a really good job of evaluating monetary requests to ensure they were in the best interest of the student body, which is a key function of the committee.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given while in college?

I think the best piece of advice I’ve been given is to cherish each moment of the Auburn collegiate experience and ensure I am continually investing in others. Knowing my time here at Auburn is limited, but the friends I make and the lives I pour into can last a lifetime, motivates me. I want to graduate from Auburn with no regrets, claiming a proud legacy of memories and friendships.

What is your favorite Auburn tradition?

Hands down, my favorite Auburn tradition is Hey Day. This is Auburn’s longest standing tradition and I always love seeing how many people are a part of it each year. It’s so special, not only to see the Auburn students, faculty, and staff come together on the Green Space and share in community with one another, but also to see campus-wide investment through attendance and donations. I also love the conversations, interactions, and new friendships formed as a result of this unique day on our campus.


Last modified: 03/28/2016