Unknown-1On Thursday, February 24, over 2,000 students from 14 different public colleges and universities in Alabama attended the 2016 Higher Education Day. The event was held outside the Alabama State House in Montgomery, Ala. Each year, students advocate for greater allocation of funding from the government for their institutions. The theme for this year’s event was “Higher Education: A Story Worth Sharing” with the goal of showing Alabama lawmakers that each university represented individuals from different backgrounds that are striving to make changes in the world.

Michael Bullington, Student Government Association assistant vice president of external affairs, was in charge of Auburn University’s student involvement in the event.

“I spent most of the time in the State House trying to meet with different state representatives and senators. I think that most of Auburn’s attendees took time to meet with their legislators,” said Bullington. “From what I heard, though, the rally was lively and exciting as always. Several Auburn administrators came out, and Aubie was there. I believe that most of the state’s legislators are aware and supportive of higher education’s growing place in Alabama and in the state budget.”

The Student Government Association provided transportation to the rally and a total of 50 Auburn students attended the event, a slight increase from last year’s Higher Education Day.

“It was definitely successful,” said Bullington. “Higher Ed Day is the largest annual political rally at the State House, and its effects can be seen by anyone who takes a moment to notice the premier universities that dot Alabama. I think that this year was even more effective than previous years, especially as far as Auburn is concerned. If everything goes as planned, the Education budget should be the best it has been in years, which is good news for everyone in Alabama.”

For more information on the Student Government Association and their events, please visit http://wp.auburn.edu/sga/.

Written by Rachel Eilers

Last modified: 03/11/2016