Bryan WilsonIt takes a lot of behind-the-scenes work to make everything on Auburn University’s campus run smoothly and the Spirit of Excellence Award recognizes the employees who make that possible. For the month of December, the Spirit of Excellence Award recipient was Bryan Wilson, a supervisor and custodian in the Student Center.

The Division of Student Affairs Professional Development Work Group (PDWG) decided to begin to recognize employees that noticeably and routinely go above and beyond the “Call of Duty.” The Spirit of Excellence Award has been established at Auburn to recognize the service of those who are employed in the service/maintenance, secretarial/clerical, technical and administrative/professional groups.

Wilson has worked for Auburn since 2003 when he began as a student employee. He originally worked in the Foy Student Union but transitioned into working full time in the Student Center upon its opening in 2008.

“My typical week consists of everything. As an employee at the Student Center being responsible for so many different facets of operation, my schedule is dictated by our events,” said Wilson. “These events require different levels of attention, and I try to budget my time carefully to monitor each event as much as needed without neglecting other major events that need attention.”

Any university employee can nominate someone for the award. Mike Rapay, coordinator for University Program Council, nominated Wilson for the month of December despite not being in his immediate area of employment.

“Bryan was chosen because he is anywhere and everywhere within the Student Center,” said Rapay. “Bryan is unquestionably one of the best people to call because he is the type of person that will find a way to create a solution to a problem rather than tell you why it can’t be done.”

“I knew what the spirit award was, but I never considered that I could win it! I spend so much time making sure that our day-to-day operations run smoothly that by the end of the semester, I’m just ready for a break,” said Wilson. “Hearing that I had won the spirit award was a very pleasant end to a very hectic semester.”

Each person who wins a Spirit of Excellence Award for a given month is then eligible to also win the Employee of the Year Spirit of Excellence Award.

written by Catherine Abernathy

Last modified: 03/03/2016