Student Spotlight: Cody Bass

UnknownCody Bass is a junior majoring in Media Studies with a minor in marketing. He is originally from Auburn, Alabama and currently serves as a Senator for the College of Liberal Arts for the Student Government Association and has the opportunity to serve in this role for the 2016-2017 term. He is an active member of the War Eagle Girls and Plainsmen where he serves as the Vice President of Athletics. Cody has a huge interest in broadcast media is currently an anchor/reporter for Eagle Eye Television where he reports campus and local news through a broadcast media outlet. Cody plans to graduate in May 2017 and hopes to become a news anchor for a television station. Learn more about him below.

Why did you choose Auburn?
I have grown up on the plains for 20 years and when applying for college, I knew Auburn was the only option for me. I applied other places my senior year in high school, but Auburn has always been home and I was always encouraged to come here. The thing that solidified my decision was when I joined my brother on a campus tour as a high school freshman. I learned so much more history and traditions from my tour guide, Jordan Holladay, that made Auburn so unique and he was the person that sold the Auburn Family concept to me. My strong connection with the university since birth and the ‘Eagles Nest’ portion of the student recruiter tour won me over and I knew Auburn was the place for me.

What made you choose to run for Senator of the College of Liberal Arts?
I have been passionate about serving my student body since junior high. I tried to make it my mission to make sure that every student was able succeed while attending school. So anything that made things better for students, I was all about. I was actually approached by a person that had previously served on the liberal arts senate ticket. So when given the opportunity to take my passion of serving students to a university level, I could not decline.

What did you accomplish in your term as Senator?
One goal of the 2015-2016 College of Liberal Arts senators was to establish a more effective and active schools council that catered to the needs of every liberal arts student. I have been able to contribute to the recreation and restructuring of the College of Liberal Arts Schools Council. This council now has five new positions that actively work to reach all facets of the very diverse CLA to provide theses students with tools to succeed at Auburn. I have also contributed to the auditing process of 13 of 15 sections of the Code of Laws, which is the governing document of the student body. The Code of Laws is an important document to the structure of SGA and we were able to audit the code to be more accurate and transparent while still staying true to the SGA Constitution.

Auburn Football vs Ole Miss on Saturday, October 31, 2015 in Auburn, Ala. Anthony Hall/Auburn Athletics

What is your favorite part of being a Plainsman?
My favorite part about being a Plainsman would have to be serving the university by being a student representative to the Auburn Family. My favorite way I get to do this is by working events with alumni and donors where I get to experience a different perspective of Auburn. I love to learn about how they are contacted to the university and why they give back to Auburn because of their Auburn experience.

What is your favorite Auburn tradition?
My favorite Auburn tradition is seeing the eagle fly at the beginning of the home football games. I feel like the eagle brings the Auburn Family together by flying around the entire stadium and it gets Auburn fans pumped because it is one of the last things to happened before kickoff. As a student recruiter, I got the opportunity to tell the story of how this tradition was created. The eagle flying has always been on of my favorite traditions but after learning the history behind it, it made the tradition so much more meaningful to me.

What are your plans after graduation?
After receiving my bachelor’s degree of Media Studies, I want to become a broadcast journalist. I would like to work as a field/news reporter for a news station for a couple of years. I want to be a broadcast journalist to make the news fun and interesting while informing people of the truth. I want to make people interested in the news by creatively thinking of new ways to keep people engaged in current events. My ultimate goal is to be a co-anchor on The Today Show and replace Matt Lauer of course.

What is your favorite restaurant in Auburn?
I actually have two and I would have to say my favorite fast-food restaurant definitely has to be Chick-Fil-A on Magnolia. My favorite sit-down restaurant has to be Hamilton’s on Magnolia.

Last modified: 02/24/2016