Walker1Walker Byrd is a senior majoring in finance from Birmingham, Ala. and the newly elected Student Government Association president. His time in SGA began freshman year in the Freshman Leadership Program as a member of Freshman Forum and his involvement grew from there. Learn more about him below.

What made you want to come to Auburn?
It was hard for me to go anywhere else. I had aspirations to play sports in college, but those opportunities never really panned out. I ended up here at Auburn and don’t regret that decision at all. My parents went to Auburn, my aunts and uncles went to Auburn and my grandparents went to Auburn. There’s no doubt that Auburn has been a big part of my life for a long time and will continue to be.

What made you decide to run for SGA President?
It was a lengthy decision for me to decide to run for SGA President. At first I was unsure about where I wanted to invest my time and effort for the next year. I spent a lot of time seeking wisdom from people I trust and that had been in similar situations before. After a lot of prayer and self-reflection, I committed to running for office, and I am unbelievably excited. I am excited to have the opportunity to make Auburn a better place while investing in students and future leaders.

Walker2What do you hope to accomplish during your term?
The biggest thing that I want to accomplish during our term is to be engaged in student life and accessible to the student body. When we sat down to come up with our vision statement for the year, we identified things that, by the end of our term, we hope to be able to hang our hats on.

What is your favorite restaurant in Auburn?
I’m a big barbeque fan, so I would have to go with Moe’s BBQ. They have some of the best wings you will ever find.

What’s your favorite Auburn tradition?
My favorite Auburn tradition is definitely Hey Day. To me, it is the perfect depiction of the Auburn family, and there is a reason why it is Auburn’s longest standing tradition – because students love it too.

Last modified: 12/08/2015