As part of Auburn University’s efforts to prevent sexual assault and other forms of sexual violence from occurring on campus, 44 faculty, staff and students are attending a campus-based training this week on the Green Dot Bystander Intervention program.

The goal of the program is to permanently reduce interpersonal violence by training faculty, staff and students in bystander intervention as well as how to integrate bystander intervention strategies into trainings, action events and use bystander intervention in everyday work. The Green Dot program has been shown to reduce sexual violence on college campuses by 50 percent. A more detailed overview can be found here.

Throughout the training, participants learn how to mobilize bystanders in proactive and reactive behaviors that interrupt acts of violence. The training intentionally invites participants to reconsider their role in prevention and inspires them that, even small acts that interrupt interpersonal violence matter. Proactive behaviors referred to as “Green Dots” combat “Red Dots” or acts of violence. Engaging the entire campus population in bystander intervention strengthens the culture that interpersonal violence will not be tolerated if everyone does their part.

For more information or to learn about ways to become involved in the program, contact the Office of Health Promotion and Wellness Services at (334) 844-1528 or

Last modified: 08/03/2018